Tweet Checking: Who thinks that Theresa May is a Marxist?

I made two mistakes in relation to Twitter this last week, and it is well worth talking about both.

The first was that I accidentally retweeted an Alt-Rightist who describes himself as “too nationalist for Putin”. It was a graph on traditionalist attitudes to marriage in Europe, and I shared it as what I thought was the tweeter’s interest in a sociological issue—not, as he intended it, as a call to arms for the suppression of women. I could argue that given I was trying to distract myself from having a haircut at the time, it was a simple momentary error—but no. I screwed up, and I’m admitting it now because nobody seemed to notice.

The second occasion was that Matt Zarb-Cousin’s tweet that he would wear a Trump hat if Labour didn’t win Barnet was almost in this article—but then it turned out he had put the hat on. A Corbynite gracious in defeat? This country might survive yet, but he definitely deserves the kudos of sticking to his word, and I was wrong to automatically assume that he wouldn’t do it.

This is what this column is supposed to be about—being honest about mistakes. I genuinely try to be direct about when I’m wrong.

So about these people being wrong…

5. HATEGRAPHSC:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Temp\IMG_1185.jpg

Most Alt-Rightists often put so much non-sequitur stuff into a tweet, partly because their knowledge is limited on most subjects and so quickly need to move from one to another, but also because it seems as though they really think some advanced multifaceted theorisation is being undertaken, something that we race traitor normies simply don’t understand.

Firstly, the European Union does not have open borders with Africa—that’s the whole point of the Schengen Area: everything’s free to move within but not from without. That chart he shows is about projecting the future population of Africa, not immigration figures.

Secondly, when he talks about turning “Europe into South Africa”, I doubt he means that Sub-Saharan Africans are going to institute a system of apartheid—I think he just means blacks and whites living in the same country, a concept that confuses and disgusts him.

As to blacks “everywhere” hating whites, not only is there no evidence for that, there’s repeat evidence that blacks not only bend over backwards to accommodate whites, but that some blacks associate with and support whites who otherwise would not look so kindly on them.

If it’s his personal experience that it seems that black people “hate whites”, then my suggestion to him is that he should stop being such a racist prick.

4. Matt WalshC:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Temp\IMG_1187.jpg


It’s strange to define all conservative content as “hate speech”, as it reveals less about conservative content in general as much as your own content. Maybe you might be worried that your own posts will be considered hate speech because it is hate speech?

What about when you defended Manny Pacquiano when he called gay people “worse than animals”? That time you said “sodomy” was the cause of the spread of AIDS?

There’s also that time you said a senator funded “the murder of babies”, and insinuated that you wanted to execute women for having abortions.

You’re not much fond of Muslims either: you tweeted that “Muslims begin Ramadan [and] the bodies pile up by the day”, and that Islam “is the most violent religion in the world”.

There’s also how you’re deeply concerned about “Planned Parenthood's eradication of black children”, but how you belittle any attempt of African-Americans to talk about racism, and call Black Lives Matter the “most dangerous domestic terrorist group in the country”.

The problem isn’t Facebook, Matt: it’s you.

3. Koena MitraC:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Temp\IMG_1188.jpg

We try to be diverse in whom bigots we go after here at Tweet Checking, so why not a Hindu nationalist?

First, what springs to mind is Albania, who not only have seemingly no religious conflict at all, but have a completely secular government in spite of a Muslim majority population. Azerbaijan is another, with a government so secular it actively infringes on the rights of Muslims who undertake observant behaviour.

Places like Kosovo and Bosnia are more difficult, mostly because religion is often inherently tied to nationality.

As for Turkey, you could point to say the Istanbul pogrom of 1955, but again, although it had a religious dimension, the ethno-national conflict between Turkey and Greece was the main factor, as was Turkification.

In somewhere like Chad, it’s the situation that the Christians actually hold disproportionate power, but the government is still secular. There’s no evidence of repression by Muslims in the Gambia either.

Most notably, all of the former Soviet states of Central Asia have secular states with majority Muslim populations that, while occasionally dealing with flare-ups in Islamist violence, lack any organised repression or murder of religious minorities.

2. Evolve Politics

Evolve Politics tried to delete this, but nothing escapes the event horizon of Twitter’s black hole.

Evolve Politics has existed since September 2015, during which time it has gone through three local elections and one general election, and yet its staff have still not learned about election silence?

1. PETer Hitchens


In the strictest of strict technical senses, Hitchens has never directly called Theresa May a socialist, but he has repeatedly called the Tories “socialists” over the past four years.

The first time I could find was in August 2014:

He then reiterated this in a September 2015 interview with Owen Jones: “Because it calls itself the Conservative party; if it called itself the Socialist Workers' Party, I wouldn't have anything against it. It's egalitarian, it's opposed to the maintenance to the married family, which is the absolute pillar of morale and social conservatism.”

May was Home Secretary during this period—one of the four Great Offices of State. He would have to include her in such a description.

Of course, by this time May was very much party leader and PM. In the above tweet he also says that May has embraced Blairism, but how does Hitchens define Blairism? Why, a form of Marxism of course!


So, not only has Hitchens consistently said that the Tories under May are “socialists”, but that they are pretty much Marxists as well.

Sometimes Hitchens is dangerous. Sometimes he is just absurdly funny.

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About the author

Harris Coverley writes the Tweet Checking column for Disclaimer and is constantly looking for readers to help him correct the worst of internet. No stupidity or falsehood is too great a challenge.

He lives in Manchester and holds an MA in Intellectual History from UCL. He also writes short fiction and poetry, the former of which only Disclaimer has had the good sense to publish.

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