Tweet Checking: Nigel Farage, Russophobia and Schooling Katie Hopkins on Assad

I apologise for my absence, but when you can no longer breathe properly either lying down or sitting up straight, nor walk down the street without having an overwhelming urge to faint, a little medical respite becomes paramount. Being laid up with your second pneumothorax (a collapsed lung in lay terms) in four months, along with a case of pneumonia in the same lung, that infernal draining tube threaded through your torso like a rogue stitch in a cheap face cloth, you end up lying there in the hospital bed (re-)considering the most important things in life, which a lot of the people below simply don’t seem to have done at any point, ever.

Imagine wasting your life acting and thinking like this all the time?

I may have recovered from the hole in my pleura (for the meanwhile at least), but I don’t think these people are going to recover from the hole in their faculty of reasoning any time soon…

5. Paul Joseph Watson


Besides working for this guy under the guise of being “editor-at-large” for this site, Watson’s said plenty of things to deserve such an accolade, including:

I could go on, but we’ve got four other kooks to get through today…

4. Steve Goddard



Steve Goddard is the publisher of something called “The Deplorable Climate Science Blog”, and believe me ladies and gentleman, it absolutely is. (His highest degree by the way is a masters in electrical engineering.)

Every pseudoscientific fanatic from this guy to Nigel Farage always gets it wrong by pointing out snowfall as some sort of ultimate slap in the face to liberal environmentalist cucks like myself, ignoring the fact that such severe cold weather is actually a manifestation of climate change.

Speaking of Farage…

3.Nigel Farage


Let me get this straight: you’re protesting now about the EU trying to protect Polish democracy from an increasingly authoritarian regime, saying that they are “tak[ing] away their democratic rights”, while just six months ago you were complaining that the “EU are turning a blind eye to police brutality” in Catalonia, and bemoaning a lack of intervention on their part? The EU is damned if it does, damned if it don’t…

 But wait a minute: I thought the EU was undemocratic? Wasn’t that the whole point of us voting to leave in the first place? You mean to say that there is democracy in the EU? Why didn’t anyone tell the people? Oh right…

2. Julian Assange


Why is it when I criticise Russian foreign policy and the Eurasianist fascist ideology behind it I get called a “Russophobe”, but when a Trump-assisting rapist explicitly relies on Russian stereotypes, that’s a-okay?

As for the supposed “traditionalist views of children and women”, that hasn’t exactly stopped all those collateral dead women and children in Syria has it? Or all those dead female journalists such as Natalya Estemirova and Anna Politkovskaya? This goes without mentioning Putin’s decriminalisation of domestic violence…or is that the idea of “traditionalist” you’re thinking of Assange? I know you’re not very fond of women saying “no” anyway…

  1. 5. Katie Hopkins


As noted in a previous column, Hopkins like many on the hard right has thrown her lot in with Assad on the, erm, “logic” that sectarian is always better than Islamist (or liberal or socialist for that matter). Of course, in order to embrace this narrative, you’d have to ignore all the times the Assad regime assisted ISIS, such as releasing imprisoned jihadis to swell their ranks, trading oil and other services with them, and episodes of outright collusion—it apparently all goes back more than a decade.

I’ve also seen a lot of attacks on the White Helmets elsewhere, insisting they’re alternately Al-Qaeda, ISIS, or US-backed (or perhaps all three), a conspiracy theory fostered by Russian propaganda networks.

But what some people were most enthralled by was that the ultra-left and the hard right finally agreed on something.

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