Tweet Checking: Be A Good Immigrant, Nadine Dorries MP Tells Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

The top tweet this week was almost the absence of a tweet from any of those on what I like to call the “Luxury Left” (it’s not just the “luxury communism”, it’s the jackets too) commenting on the fraudulent election in Venezuela—once the darling of the hard Left, now the creepy geopolitical uncle they ignore even as hundreds of its people flee every day from a government that these foreigners (pretending to be “monitors”) worked to keep in power and propagandise for them. But instead I found a piece of vicious racism straight from the black heart of the back benches.


5. Rachel Swindon

Swindon (who may not actually exist) has previously asserted that Russian responsibility in the Skripal affair is “BBC bullshit”, has repeatedly suggested that the Salisbury attack is an invention on par with Iraqi WMDs, implied repeatedly that Novichok was not used in Salisbury, and has promoted John Pilger’s claim that the 'Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama'. A lot of the more ‘curious’ tweets have long since disappeared.

Yulia does actually make it clear in her interview with Reuters that she wanted to return to Russia “in the longer term”, which could mean anything. Five years, ten years.

For all we know, when Yulia Skripal eventually does return to Russia it could be to enact a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-style revenge fantasy against Putin and his cohorts.

Of course, Swindon is also implying again that the whole thing is a Tory government conspiracy, in order to…something. I think they’ve forgotten, and by the looks of it so has “she”.

4. Sameera Khan


I think to be a Russia Today correspondent (especially one with the Assadist flag riding high on their profile page) takes two things:

It doesn’t matter to Khan that she tweeted this a mere five days after Sergei Skripal was released from hospital (as reported by the BBC, CNN, the Guardian, the Financial Times…), nor does it matter that she actually tweeted it on the very day Yulia Skripal released a statement.

What matters to Khan is the spreading of fear and misinformation, but it just goes to show how pathetic and amateurish Russia Today is both as a news network and as a propaganda network.

3. Ellie Mae O’Hagan


Are you kidding, O’Hagan? That’s all British feminist writers and many British journalists have talked about all the last week.

The day after this tweet, Channel Four News hosted a forty minute debate—nearly three-quarters of their news hour—between supporters and opponents of repealing the Eighth Amendment, and had been covering the campaign for days leading up to the vote, as had the BBC. Channel Four News went far enough to investigate dubious funding on the “No” side in the debate.



I can’t help but think that if British feminists had paid a little more attention to the Irish abortion debate—they clearly had, but let’s say they did do more—I can’t help but think O’Hagan would be accusing the British feminists of “colonising” Irish feminism for their own dirty imperialist ends.

There is one thing that is known for sure: O’Hagan certainly didn’t give the debate any attention in her Guardian column last week as  Francis Wheen for pointed out.

2. Live Action


It’s just astounding to me that anti-abortion advocates (I’m not going to say “pro-life” because I think Savita Halappanavar would disagree) will continue to repeat the same shit over and over, in different country after different country, and expect to get away with it. It’s almost as though there aren’t dozens of other countries where abortion has been legal or at least accessible in some form for decades that have suffered no ill societal effects.

“Infanticide”? Where? How? If anything, access to abortion severely reduces its likelihood; Ireland already has a long history of infanticide due to poverty and social shame, the latter due to the dominance of the Church.

“Sex-selective abortions”? By and large a myth, and even then it’s a woman’s right—one which is by-and-large restricted by anti-abortionists anyway: “Restricting access to abortion is the primary motivation for sex-selective abortion bans. All the bans have been proposed and supported by people who oppose abortion generally.”

“Cover-up of sex trafficking”? No one sane I can see has ever written anything on this, so I’m gonna call it another myth. It makes no sense that abortion doctors would lie to cover up sex trafficking; that goes against their Hippocratic Oath.

“Forced funding of abortion”? I don’t know what this means. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to pay for an abortion. An abortion is a medical procedure, but it’s covered under the healthcare budget.

“Euthanasia”? We’ve had accessible abortion in the UK and the US for around fifty years now and we still cannot pass a bill on euthanasia in either.

Just admit it, fanatics: you lost. Very badly.

  1. 1. Nadine Dorries


If this isn’t a suspendable offence then nothing is.

One cannot help but think that if Yasmin Alibhai-Brown were white, she would not have been told to, essentially, shut up or leave the country. Be a “good immigrant”.

It is made far, far worse by the fact that, as an Indian-Ugandan, the reason why Alibhai-Brown had to settle in Britain is because the fascist dictator Idi Amin forcibly expelled her family and over 70,000 other South Asian Ugandans in 1972. She was a victim of ethnic cleansing only to come to this country and be told to keep quiet or be forced out again.

Dorries should hang her head in shame, but she’ll probably just go write another crappy novel instead.

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