Tweet Checking: Are Remainers to Blame for The Brexit Mess? (Clue: No)

5. Chuck Woolery

Given the nature of the payments between Russian state institutions and people tied to Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s investment ventures to spread propaganda through Facebook and Twitter, it seems perfectly prudent to check Trump’s personal bank records. We also know Kushner got emails regarding WikiLeaks and a “Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite” before forwarding them on to another official in the Trump campaign.

Direct ties between Trump and Russia are now so well-documented they have their own Wikipedia page. This goes down to the level of Trump Tower being a place for Russian organised crime to congregate, and this appears to extend to enterprises in Panama. Trump’s former campaign manager has been placed under house arrest for lying about his connections to pro-Russian political fronts in Ukraine, but even that didn’t stop him collaborating with someone linked to Russian intelligence. A former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser has already pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI regarding a meeting with a “foreign contact” who “discussed 'dirt' related to emails" stolen from the Clinton campaign. And we haven’t even mentioned Michael Flynn yet.

This is not just a smoking gun, this is an entire line of Gatling guns that keep going off. It is as Woolery says “NUTS”, but not in the way he thinks.


4. Katie Hopkins


The BBC article does actually discuss the settlers being attacked, and the more politically centrist Jerusalem Post headlines their article in similar terms. There are also competing versions of events. According to an Associated Press report, the “Palestinian Authority official Ghassan Daghlas said settlers confronted Odeh and ordered him to move [and that when] he refused, one of them shot him in the chest”.

However, the underlying issue is now whether or not who the true guilty party is, but why do a bunch of hikers need two armed escorts? The settlements Israel has built in the West Bank are illegal under international law (and yet the government still keeps building them). This incident comes on the back of tension arising out of this policy, along with heightened threats of a Third Intifada.

I can confirm from photos provided by the Times of Israel that many of the hikers were indeed children, but you still have to put yourself in the Palestinian perspective: a group of boys led by armed men strolling into your land from an illegal settlement? The first half of this year has already seen an increase in settler violence according to the OCHA for the occupied Palestinian territories.

Either which way, children being attacked and an unarmed man being shot dead on his own land, the intervention of someone like Hopkins just to make a cheap shot at the BBC are just pathetic attempts to pour fuel on a fire already out of control after Trump’s latest announcement.



David Davis, a Leaver, is the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, and wrote an article explaining “why the European Project is not right for us” way back in February 2016. Boris Johnson, a Leaver, is the Secretary for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (the former intends to leave steering the transition to the latter by 2019). Liam Fox, a Leaver, is the Secretary for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade. Penny Mordaunt, a Leaver, is Secretary for International Development (and the previous secretary Priti Patel was a Leaver as well). Andrea Leadsom, a Leaver, is Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council. These are all the key positions the direction of foreign and international economic policy. They all have positions on the Cabinet’s Brexit sub-committee - which includes Environment Secretary, Michael Gove (a Leaver). So contrary to rumours, Leavers do have some sway in the direction of how ‘successful’ Brexit will be.

It is not a Remainer who has misled the House of Commons about impact assessments to the Commons. It is not a Remainer who still indulges in the “£350 million” myth. It is not a Remainer who has failed to get post-Brexit trade agreements sorted even though this is the crucial period.

Leavers: this is all on you.

2. Paul Watson

Leave.EU retweeting the editor-at-large for Alex Jones’ Infowars should be shocking, but it’s not really, not in this current environment. You remember Alex Jones, don’t you? Gay bombs and gay frogs? Martian child slave colony? (There’s a nice list of some of the worst here.) Watson plies his own trade in fake news, and was at the forefront of spreading rumours about Hilary Clinton’s health.

Schulz of course is coming from a very long line of advocacy for a unified Europe, an idea suggested many times before, but is still unlikely to occur in the near future, even though a plurality of EU residents support the federalisation of European states. Watson is merely attempting to force the reading that the EU is a tool of the “NWO”, the central conspiracy theory his core benefactor propagates.

The reception of the speech even in Germany was frosty, with Merkel responding that European policy should be pragmatic and dealing with the “foreground now, rather than defining a goal”, while a prominent CSU politician labelled Schulz a “Europe radical” (apparently a bad thing).

1. Julian Assange


Maybe not a war, but certainly a presidency.

I don’t like to use the term “lie” in this column, but actually, Julian Assange himself lied about the contents of a data dump on Real Time with Bill Maher. He also lied about who Bob Beckel was, is certainly lying about how the Russian government was involved with Wikileaks, and the guy didn’t even write his own autobiography. It also seems likely that that at least some of the emails from the DNC leaks were altered or fabricated.

As to not being “owned by oligarchs”, with the king of oligarch Putin’s net worth estimated at the higher end as being around $200 billion, and Wikleaks habit of basically releasing alleged leaks from whom the Putin regime wants embarrassed, while ignoring leaks on Russian corruption, that can be disputed.

It’s also awkward in that Assange initially collaborated with The New York Times in getting the initial dump of US diplomatic cables a wide exposure in 2010. How things can sour…

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