At the time of writing there are at least 300,000 British people to whom Donald Trump would, if given a free hand, like to send a bottle of good bourbon and, who knows, perhaps a nice Smith and Wesson .38 engraved with his sincerest thanks.

300,000 godless, gutless, unarmed, Muslim appeasing, snaggle-toothed, socialised-medicine-loving, Limey communists have put their names to the idea of banning him from the Sceptred Isle for giving voice to views which in their world simply cannot be heard -namely that Muslims should be barred from entering the United States.

How badly do you think that is going to play among the people to whom Trump was actually addressing his remarks - desperate, God-and-guns Republicans in the Flyover States, filled with foreboding that America is losing her place at the top, assailed without and rotting from within?  It will only prove him right.

"Look how far even Britain has fallen," they will say. "We can't let that happen here. Donald it is."  And that's just those who don't still hate us for the Revolutionary War.

Why is it so difficult for those who believe - wrongly - that they have a right not to be offended by anything anyone says to understand when a politician simply isn't talking to them, but to his or her own constituency?

Who knows, who cares, what the man truly believes on the subject of Islam and the US?

He was talking to people he thought might well vote for him if he adopted the deeply cynical line he took - offering simplicity he cannot possibly provide to a people stymied by an international backdrop of irreducible complexity. 

TRUMP made a calculation. The fact that he pissed you off was factored in from the start

It happens all the time. Does Diane Abbot really believe, for example, that "white people love to play divide and rule" as she once infamously said?  It doesn't matter. She has a constituency which expects her to say that sort of thing. She dutifully panders to it.  It's her power base, much as the people who won't give a damn what we think about Donald Trump are the folks he hopes will one day form his. 

Frankly hardly anything an American Presidential candidate says in an election year is worth listening to, never mind petitioning about 3,000 miles away.

Those of you who keep current will know that the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay remains open and operational. Didn't that nice Senator Obama (D. Illinois) campaign on the issue of closing it back in 2008. Whatever happened to him?

And if shutting a prison in Cuba proved an election promise too far, try banning people from a country on the basis of their religion- a freedom guaranteed under the Constitution. Won't happen. Couldn't. Even if he got elected and tried it. Which he won't.

Look I hate to break this to you 300,000 but Trump made a calculation. That he'd annoy you was factored in from the start and found to be at worst an acceptable risk and, at best, assuming you really went nuts, a benefit.

Nice one suckers. 

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About the author

Born and raised in Swansea West, one of the safest Labour seats in the country, David is perhaps unsurprisingly a High-Tory, Euroskeptic Royalist Libertarian with an unhealthy adoration for Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. As a result he is seldom pleased by anything that ever happens, and always on the verge of quitting the whole jamboree. A former Special Writer at the Wall Street Journal, he knew the crash was coming when he saw a piece about Louis XVI reproduction furniture "for your Winnebago."

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