There Are No Words to Describe How Awful Corbyn is. He Has to Go

This is not about the Labour party. It is about the country. In truth, it always has been. It’s just that things have gone a bit batshit recently and it is not likely they will get better soon.

No one wants to write this. No person who wants to see a proper opposition holding the government to account (or even a different government) enjoys attacking its leader. There is no relish to be had in what is currently happening in British politics.

But it needs saying.

Before Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, the government exercised a humiliating u turn: a week after his budget Philip Hammond wrote to Conservative MPs to reverse his plans to increase NICs on the self-employed. He gave in to Tory and media pressure.

As you would expect, as Theresa May faced questions from the opposition leader, there were jeers and cries. A lot of MPs were smiling. The trouble is it was the Tories who were smiling.

I repeat: May just made the biggest climb down since she became prime minister and her side was smiling. So bad was the leader of the opposition that instead of humiliating the government, he rallied them.

When Corbyn referred to a bit of government chaos, May was able to reply: "I normally stand at this despatch box and say I won't take any lectures from the Hon Gentleman - when it comes to lectures on chaos, he'd be the first person I turn to." Ouch.

That is what people will have seen when they watched the news.

he has plumbed the depths of incompetence and pig-headedly kept going beyond dictionary definition

Moving on, the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition tweeted supporters to join him in a rally to pressure the government into giving EU nationals currently living in Britain the right to remain. Then he failed to show. He organised a protest on an issue that has broad public support that he didn’t attend.

What's more, he then allowed Labour to nod through the government's Article 50  bill without amendment, giving May a free hand on Brexit to negotiate whatever and however she likes.

The leader of the opposition organised a rally against something, but was unable to oppose it where it mattered. The only explanation is fear of this idea that any Brexit that is not Theresa May’s Brexit is undemocratic.

What world do you have to live in to think this makes sense? Excuse the sexist metaphor but I have seen neutered cats with bigger balls.

Over the weekend the Labour leader told the Press Association that he was “absolutely fine” with a second referendum on Scottish independence. When this was reported, instead of explaining that he had spoken hastily or had shifted his opinion, he derided the reports as mischief making. He was then forced, when the the Press Association objected, to clarify.

His comments riled his party and were a gift used by Nicola Sturgeon as she launched her campaign for a second poll. More incompetence.

They say that troubles come in threes. The only surprise with the opposition leader is that, when it comes to cocking up, he manages to limit it to single digits in a week.

There are literally no words to describe how awful he is: he has plumbed the depths of incompetence and pig-headedly kept going beyond dictionary definition.

Let us be quite clear about what is currently happening: Theresa May is heading towards a hard exit from the European Union. By doing so she is worsening divisions between those who voted Remain and Leave. She is risking peace in Northern Ireland and has given the Scottish Nationalists casus belli. She may be able to stave off a referendum until the next parliament but any poll will be close; the uncertainty will not help the British economy.

There may be some who do not care whether the United Kingdom remains a single nation. But Scottish independence - whatever the benefits or downsides for Scotland - will diminish this country. Who willingly allows decline? Who willingly wants worse economic growth inherent in that decline? Who willingly wants less money to spend improving the country? That is what we are talking about.

And instead of falling popularity, May’s government is becoming more popular; the opposition less so.

no one outside their bubble is interested in Their excuses or admiration

Copeland showed that Jeremy Corbyn cannot win against Theresa May. Whatever her faults - and they are many - he is a disaster. He is beyond disaster. He left disaster behind him months ago.

At the next general election there will be a binary choice for English voters: May or Corbyn. They will have looked at Corbyn, seen his manifest unsuitability and a plurality will choose May. Simple.

Supporters can blame who they like. They can deny the evidence, the logic, the facts. Some may even see a master at work as he opposes this government. Frankly, no one outside their bubble is interested in their excuses or admiration. Instead, I have a question.

In America, Donald Trump begins to tear at the democratic norms to advance his agenda. His supporters excuse this and his untruths because they want to. They are making a choice that their tribal identities, personified by Trump, are more important than democracy.

Corbynistas stand in relation to their man as Trumpists do to the president. The issues are different; the similarities evident. They deny his failure because they agree with him. He makes them feel good about what they believe. It is easy.

Hard Brexit. The potential breakup of the United Kingdom. Growth down. Poverty up. More cuts to necessary public services.

But my question: is it worth all that?

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About the author

Educated at Durham University and UCL, Graham is Disclaimer's editor and a regular contributor. He has written for numerous publications including Tribune, Out Magazine and Vice. He has also contributed to two books of political counterfactuals for Biteback Media, Prime Minister Boris (2011) and Prime Minister Corbyn (2016).

A democratic republican lefty, he struggles daily with the conflict between his ingrained senses of idealism and pragmatism.

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