#SansMoiLe7Mai is the only way Marine Le Pen could win, and the far-left are responsible

At time of writing #SansMoiLe7Mai (Count Me Out on May 7th) is trending in the top four on Twitter. Sparked by the far-left's disgraceful refusal to openly back Macron against Le Pen, this worrying trend amongst French voters represents the National Front's only chance of winning in in two weeks time.

And, what's more, it's their supposed opposite numbers, blinded by self-righteous principles, who are attempting to hand it to them on a plate.

Started as a protest by La France Insoumise (France Undefeated) - a group of pro-Melenchon partisans, not dissimilar from Corbyn's acolytes over at Momentum, the hashtag is being used to express their intention to abstain and encourage others to do so.

No doubt spurred on by their candidate's refusal to back Macron against Le Pen, the movement represents a toys-out-the-pram, attention-seeking rejection of a candidate who they consider embodies everything toxic about the modern state of politics in France.

Regardless of your opinion towards Macron, you don't need me to tell you that he's a whole lot better than Le Pen.

Macron's win held back Le Pen to second place - against expectations - and the French have a clear opportunity to vanquish the threat she poses. They should be doing everything they can to secure Macron's candidacy rather than throwing a spanner in the works.

One supporter tweeted that abstention is "the only way to make your voice heard". Whilst another tweeted: "I was counting on voting for Melenchon in the 2nd round, but I prefer to delegitimise the winner. I choose neither the plague, nor cholera, but abstention."

These are appalling, horrifiying and utterly infuriating responses to defeat.  What these people are short-sightedly advocating is irresponsibility of the highest degree.

The truth of the matter is that personal feelings of injustice couldn't mean any less right now

Their virtue-signalling and embarrassingly puerile attempt at standing up for their political ideals is meaningless. The only thing they could achieve is detracting votes from Macron and opening the door to Madame Le Pen and her hateful policies.

One of these ultimately well-intentioned, yet hopelessly deluded people replied to one of my tweets, saying: "Macron is the illustration of a system that gave legitimacy to the FN, we don't want to support any of this anymore."

The truth of the matter is that personal feelings of injustice couldn't mean any less right now. The only priority any decent human being should have is keeping Le Pen out.

If that means voting for someone who your fashion accessory socialism says is part of the system and too square for you, then  you're just going to have to bite the bullet. Any fool can see that a Macron presidency - no matter how “establishment” or “neo-liberal” it may be - it miles ahead of one where Le Pen is in the driving seat.

Not everyone on Twitter has completely lost their marbles. The appropriately named #JamaisMarine tweeted: "Those who post #SansMoiLe7Mai don't understand anything about the menace posed to our democracy, economy and future by Madame Le Pen."

However, it's not just the disgruntled and childish supporters who are to blame but the candidates they so zealously support.

Philippe Poutou, a minnow candidate for the anti-capitalist party NPA (Nouveau Parti Anti-Capitaliste) who gained a small but loyal following, has refused to endorse Macron after gaining only 1.1% of the votes.

In a series of two tweets he claimed to understand the desire to reject the National Front but instead blamed the economic and security policies that he implied Macron would continue as causing the far-right's rise in popularity.

He then tweeted: "Macron isn't a rampart against the FN. To push away this threat for good there is no other solution than to take to the streets again."

Melenchon, supposedly a man of principles, is putting the future of France, and indeed, Europe, in grave danger

First of all, Philippe, I've got some news for you: Macron literally is our only defence against the FN. If people don't vote for him, the National Front will win. It's a simple as that.

Secondly, whilst you're out in the street, hurriedly munching your responsibly-sourced quinoa wrap and smoking your organic, home-grown weed, Le Pen will be in the Palais de L'Éysée, imposing her political program of hatred, division and isolation.

Now the most guilty of all, the former golden boy of France's leftist revolt against Le Pen, Jean-Luc Melenchon. As someone who won 19.6% (or 7,060,885 votes) and has such a loyal following, his failure to endorse Macron and accept defeat like an adult is an inexcusable disgrace.

By refusing to come out in support for Macron, Melenchon has directly encouraged this ludicrous idea of abstaining as a show of principles. And rest assured, regardless of how empty and pure his supporters consciences may be as the votes close on May 7th, Le Pen and her Front National supporters will be voting. In this pathetically futile show of defiance, Melenchon, supposedly a man of principles, is putting the future of France, and indeed, Europe, in grave danger.

It is his duty as a responsible citizen, the leader of a growing movement, a progressive liberal thinker and patriotic Frenchman to vote for Macron.

Although Poutou and Melenchon may be too stubborn to accept defeat, we've got to hope that their supporters have more sense and realise their duty is to vote Macron on May 7th.


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