Of course there is no plan for Brexit. So what?

So the engine is spluttering and stall speed dangerously close. You’ve screwed your courage to the sticking place and are about to bet your life on whoever was packing parachutes this morning.

Then you notice something.  Your co-pilot is still buckled up.

“Have you got,” he (or she) asks, “a solid plan for what you will do after you land?”

God help you for a split second you consider the question. Well, you suppose, you’ll dust yourself down, make your best guess as to the way back to civilisation and start walking.

But that’s not a matter for the moment. You open the door. You jump.

Now as a perceptive and intelligent readership, you’ll have spotted that this isn’t about aviation.

This is about Brexit or, more precisely, the charge often levelled against those of us who want to leave - that we haven’t got much idea about what happens once we do.

You see this charge is quite hard to refute. In fact, it’s impossible.

Brexit is a broad church. Swashbuckling Mayfair hedge-fund managers, who want to see Britain as Europe’s deregulated offshore Hong Kong, break bread with the likes of Jeremy Corbyn (whatever he may now say as party leader) who still want to build the socialist Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant.

So no, “we”, to the extent that we are a coherent we, have not got a plan. What we have instead is a conviction that restoring the sovereignty of Parliament and debating, amongst ourselves, via Members of Parliament we elected, is how we want to arrive at a plan. And at all plans for the foreseeable future.  

If you find this astonishing consider that this is precisely how most humans on this planet choose to control their affairs - including citizens of many states considerably more dynamic than the European Union. Consider too that this is how our little archipelago has thrived and survived, its Parliament arguably the most successful national forum of the modern age.

“Aha,” you Remainers may say, but the European Union is not a crashing plane. “Surely your analogy falls down there?”

Well, sorry, but it doesn’t. You see for us anything that isn’t based around the sovereignty of nation states is doomed. It’s not important that the crash is imminent. It is inevitable.

We don’t want to be rude. Well, most of us don’t. And we don’t want to annoy anyone more than we have to. But we also want to get out of the damned plane.

Most of us would have preferred a scheduled landing some years ago, when we could have disembarked less dramatically and more safely. Indeed many of us asked for it. We begged for it in fact.

But we didn’t get it.  Too late to regret that now. You want our plan? Brexit is our plan. Parliament is our parachute. We know it, it has served us well for a very long time and we place our faith in it.

We bet our national life.

More about the author

About the author

Born and raised in Swansea West, one of the safest Labour seats in the country, David is perhaps unsurprisingly a High-Tory, Euroskeptic Royalist Libertarian with an unhealthy adoration for Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. As a result he is seldom pleased by anything that ever happens, and always on the verge of quitting the whole jamboree. A former Special Writer at the Wall Street Journal, he knew the crash was coming when he saw a piece about Louis XVI reproduction furniture "for your Winnebago."

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