Weekend Poetry: Two Sonnets

when you cannot write, you write letters  losing

the  day documenting loss   |   you cannot grieve

through Venetian blinds | lest you let the light in |

they cross the road to avoid us |  to catch a death

and  embalm  it  for all  time  is  something  only

cameras can do | reconcile the difference between

being  embalmed and embalming   |   even as you

enact grief   |   it is misleading to say that time  is

compressed  only for the sick    |    we are all in it

together   |   discharging  blood  in normal  time  |

perhaps   not  every  lunar  month    |     but  with

unrelieved hearts grieving upstream | my dead girl

|   oh runaway girl   |   oh dead poppet   |   disguise

yourself as something else for a break

*  *  *

in my thoughts  |  what happens when you break |

when the most recent version of  the body fails &

bodies into doll | the mouth is a crime of passion |

we are a composite body of all the things we have

done  |  he is in a sense hunting  |  lissom babe   |

umwelten    unwelten   |   in   statu   nascendi    |

bowdlerised & retouched | wowf babe | and this is

what he is hunting  |  belle indifference  | the belle

between us  |  bruised & idle  |  the question is the

question of how to validate selfhood  |   quell each

grand meal   |   quell each petit mal  |   the female

body as the loci |  sabred in the company of men |

between her soma and her psyche   |   wowf type

wowf stenographer | these are my statements


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