Weekend Poetry: Two Poems


The city’s last horologist times the heavy swing

of his made-up shoe, perfectly. We are early

and the streets are ours


                                       no ticking heels, no cars …

Between our talk a crane’s sundial, precisely.

He must not stop working, our keeper of the hours.


Red Phone Box, Powys   

Dripping candle on the verge,

a villager’s St Paul’s.

Who will clear the grime

and briars from its dome,  

the whispers from its walls?


Behind the clouded panes

the dead relight their cigarettes,

a dazed aunt informs the police

Hess has landed, mumbling Puw’s

sermon makes us wait,

a teenager on hold engraves her love …


Unanswered chimes

outrang the pub, the school.

Frayed wick of a mouthpiece,

its glow lit our dreams,

confessions the morning absolves.


Burn on, old flame, sheltering now,          

at 4am, the paper van’s bale.  


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