Sunday Short Film: Thea Gajic's The Importance of Skin

The Importance of Skin, the second short film from multihyphenate Thea Gajic, follows the converging paths of couple Cyra and Fabe (Gajic and Stevie Basaula) who, expecting their first child, each traverse the familiar spaces of their South London community, interacting with neighbours and friends, each of whom are themselves painted with a rare degree of attention to detail, history and inner life.

Building on her last effort Run, which won the New Talent Award at the BFI Future Film Festival, Gajic's style is one in which spoken-word poetry voice-over and observational street dialect coexist to create something lyrical and far-reaching without undermining authenticity or directness.

Particularly admirable here is the dedication to going small, and forcing the viewer to pay close attention to the everyday things on which everything depends: with the framing of the title, a few choice words and the recurrent lingering on hands touching hands, the fragility of the whole human project is suddenly a tangible and self-evident thing. Dense as it is with detail and care, this is a film worthy of at least a couple of viewings.

Written and Directed by Thea Gajic
Produced by Benedict Turnbull, Iain Simpson & Harri Kamalanathan
DOP - Olan Collardy
Editor – Kit Jennings

Thea Gajic
Stevie Basaula
Baba Oyejide
Amy Bowden
Chance Perdomo
Aysia Browne-Erskine
Jenny Mayers
Deepak Anand

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