Short Film Sunday: Lifespan by Jessica Bishopp

A meditation on ageing in light of rising life expectancies, Lifespan is a documentary composed of interviews with friends and family of director Jessica Bishopp, as well as scientific specialists who weigh in with their takes on the possible implications of longer lifetimes through the lenses of labour, family and identity.

The aesthetic is futurism by way of nostalgia, with a faded postcard look that focuses more on things from time gone by than on visions of the future, featuring lingering shots of the keepsakes of the elderly, lace curtains and buildings in disrepair. Particularly interesting is the way Bishopp uses residential spaces to parallel the shifting scale of subjective time, beginning with the modest solo living of bungalows and moving through more collective living arrangements of tower blocks and suburban neighbourhoods.

By exploring the notion of a more pluralistic future through a collective voice, this is a documentary that raises a lot of interesting questions about the structures that shape how we live.

Director - Jessica Bishopp 
Producer - Aleksandra Bilic

Director of Photography - Will Hazell
Music - Robert Martland
Cast (in order of appearance) - Margaret Galloway Thompson, Chloe Salaman

Editor - Jessica Bishopp 
Colour Grade - Framestore
Post Production Producer - Chris Anthony, Framestore
Colourist - Jessica Vile, Framestore
Sound - James R.G. Wright 
Camera Assistant - Hannah Burton 
Gaffer - Alexa Horgan
Gaffer Assistant - Miles Williams 
Production Assistant & Stills Photographer - Jade Jackman 
Drivers - Nigel Bishopp, Eric Thorp
Tai Chi - Maylis Bernet (Tai chi, Energy Arts Instructor), Jade Seidman, Ausra Miksyte, Aleksandra Bilic

Interviews (in order of appearance) - Edna Bishopp, Joseph Masters, William Bains, Laura Link, Charlotte Casebourne, Ceri Kent, Avi Roy, Daisy-May Hudson


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About the author

Ryan Hogan is a writer and filmmaker, with a focus on screenwriting, based in East London. He has also written for Bright Wall/Dark Room and the International Moving Image Society.

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