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Disclaimer is a group of writers, journalists, and artists who have been brought together by their desire to tackle serious issues with a light and humorous touch. A mixture of idealists and pragmatists, Disclaimer is socially very liberal, economically less so. The editorial stance is formed collectively, based on the shared values of the magazine. Gonzalo Viña founded Disclaimer with the help of Phil Thornton who oversees the economics coverage. Graham Kirby is the editor.

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A Referendum Won With Cheating and Fraud, A Void Result

The Electoral Commission's finding make it plain than Vote Leave cheated in the Brexit referendum. Theresa May cannot ignore this. The integrity of our democracy is at stake. We must find our the truth because at present it looks like the referendum result is void.

Fascists Not Welcome. No Ifs, No Buts, No Fudging, Theresa May Must Cancel Trump’s Visit

The Trump’s administration “zero tolerance” policy of separating children from parents at the border, then incarcerating the children is not just an affront to democratic values. Theresa May must put her caution to one side, stand up to Donald Trump and condemn him and his policies for what they are.

An Open Letter to Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens, the Mail on Sunday columnist, has in tweets and blogs accused Disclaimer of smearing him and lying about him. We have asked him to name those lies but he has not. Here is our response to his accusations.

Corbyn’s Shift is Pure Politics. Brexit Could Be About Two Stark Choices

Jeremy Corbyn will announce a new Brexit policy. It could be as wishful thinking as any Tory Brexiter but it is mighty good politics. Corbyn may find defeating the government harder than bring it down And Britain might find that the choice is not hard or soft Brexit but crashing out or staying in.

After a Lost Decade, Time for our Leaders to “Raise Their Game”

Nick Boles was right to warn that Theresa May needs to raise her game. She is offering second-rate leadership and has no domestic agenda. Even worse, her opponent Jeremy Corbyn is not offering an thought-through alternative. Britain is still ducking the challenges a decade after the banking crisis.

This Hollow Declaration of Independence is Not History But Political Calculation

That the crowds dispersed so quickly after Carles Puigdemont's declaration of Catalonia's independence revealed its hollowness. This was not the birth of a nation but political expediency is a war of brinkmanship with Madrid and Mariano Rajoy. Spain is entering dangerous political times that need inspired leadership and respect for democracy.

By Refusing to Delay the Universal Credit, the Tories are Failing the Poor

Despite pressure from Jeremy Corbyn and Tory doubts, the government has decided it will continue with its roll-out of the controversial benefit scheme; it is also implementing cuts of £4bn per year up until 2021. By failing to listen to concerns, Theresa May and David Gauke failing the poor and creating a poverty trap.

Back From the Abyss, But Democracy Has Not Been Thwarted in Catalonia

In his ambiguity, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has stepped back from the abyss. Reality not brutality crushed these nationalist dreams. It was also the fact that the October 1st referendum was neither free nor fair. Europe's oldest nation state is now in dangerous, uncertain territory.

Deluded, Cowardly and Self-Absorbed, Our Political Parties Are Creating Homeless Voters

As the party conference season comes to a close, the absense of spectacle allows voters a wider perspective on British politics. On Brexit both parties only offer confusion. On housing - the other important issue - there is a dearth of ideas. Deluded politicians are failing voters.

Britain Is Becoming A Post-Political Country

Britain is mesmerised by the Trump Presidency, but seemingly unaware that the country is in a far worse situation. Trump is just one man restrained by media, courts and congress. Britain's weak politics - lacking rational debate and mired by abuse - is allowing the country to sleepwalk towards disaster.

With the Government So Weak, Parliament Must Take Control of Brexit

Theresa May has lost her mandate to negotiate Brexit. The EU can sense our weakness as the government caved on parallel talks. Now Parliament must take control and lead the negotiations on Britain's future with Europe.

Grenfell Tower is Now a Symbol of Our Unequal Society. It Must Become A Metaphor For a Revolution

There now stands a grim tombstone that will dominate London's skyline and become a symbol of our divided society. We cannot avoid the politics despite the tragedy. Grenfell Tower must become a metaphor for a revolutionary reform of social housing and attitudes to inequality.

“In the Name of God, Go!” Theresa May Must Resign Now

Theresa May’s premiership has witnessed a marriage and extraordinary honeymoon. The campaign saw the honeymoon’s end and polling day divorce. Recrimination, not reconciliation, is likely. Instead of clinging to office with the help of the Democratic Unionists, May must go.

Our Leaders are Living in Brexit CloudCuckooLand. It’s Up to Us Whether We Do Too

With the general election approaching, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are being dishonest with voters: Brexit is potentially the biggest act of self-harm Britain has committed. It is now up to voters to be truly radical, break away from partisan loyalty and vote to protect their country.

Yes, Manchester Was "An Attack on Democracy", but What Is a Democracy?

Following the terrorist attack in Manchester, campaigning in the general election has been suspended. The pause gives us an opportunity to mourn but also to think. There is no one answer to the question "What is a democracy?" We must all think about it otherwise we're just deluding ourselves.

100 Days: Trump's Grotesque Theatre of Broken Promises, Incompetence and Alternative Facts

The 100 Days is a false marker used by presidents to set up future victories. Trump's presidency has already broken promises and failed. Alternative facts won't save him. He'll be judged as any other president - on results.

Make No Mistake: Britain is Getting Another Vote on Brexit

There will be a general election on 8th June. Theresa May might hope to free herself from captivity by the Tory right but she has dragged the debate to the right and started an unpredictable election.

Britain Has Rarely Needed Them More. So Where Are The Big Ideas?

The middle ground in British politics looks increasingly empty. Brexit is a big idea born of small thinking. There has never been a more urgent need for fresh ideas and new thinking, instead Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are timidly stuck in their traditional positions.

Article 50 Editorial: “Taking Back Control” Now Becomes a Reality

When Theresa May triggers Article 50, it becomes the moment that Britain’s exit from the European is inevitable. It is also the moment that “taking back control” - the central premise of Vote Leave - becomes a reality. The reality is fraught with risk and very little control.

Unity and Discord Are Needed to Protect A Greater Ideal

Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn deserve praise for their responses to the terrorist attack in London. Terrorism is an attack on citizens but also liberty. Our best response must be to remember the unity but know that living up to our ideals can make our society better.

To lose one union is a misfortune. To lose two is criminally careless

Nicola Sturgeon has laid down the gauntlet on Scottish independence but so has Leanne Wood in Wales and Sinn Féin in Northern Ireland. Brexit has put the future of the United Kingdom in jeopardy and Theresa May's hardline stance is making matters much worse.

Budget Editorial: Hammond’s Dogma Ignores the Stormy Present

A fall in deficit predictions and a temporary increase in growth masks the tempest that Brexit will bring. Philip Hammond's budget was unable to create a Brexit war chest, but he also ignored social care and the NHS. On so much he has done so little. Budget 2017 was an opportunity for radicalism missed.

Banning Trump: May Exposes the Weakness of Brexit Britain

It was a visit May should never have made. It was an invitation that should never have been offered. John Bercow has spoken out against Donald Trump and the House of Commons will debate whether to withdraw the invitation. Desperate for new allies, May has exposed the weakness of Brexit Britain.

Defying the Law and Reason, Trump Begins His American Nightmare

After his election many said we should take Trump seriously but not literally. His first week, unfortunately, demonstrates that Trump must be taken both seriously and literally. His Executive Order on immigration and refugees is illegal, unconstitutional and irrational. Opposition must combine morality with empiricism.

Hate Trumped Love. Now Liberals Must Fight for Democratic Reason

The election of Donald Trump has left progressives baffled. Much of the debate within the left will focus on Hillary Clinton's policy platform. But the left must begin a wider debate that defends rationalism and empiricism as democratic virtues. Bigotry must be branded for what it is: anti-democratic.

More Denial Will Only Make Labour’s Difficult Path Impossible

Even though he has been re-elected it is not sufficient for Corbyn to rely on his mandate from party members. Labour does not belong just to its members. Every Labour voter has a share in its future. Betrayal of that sacred trust will not be forgiven. Denying that Labour has chosen a difficult will make the betrayal inevitable.

A Remain Parliament Living in a Brexit World

Remain lost. Leave won. Yet the winning side does not have a true mandate except on where the people do not wish to be. Their win lacks genuine accountability. if “taking control” is to mean anything it is that our future must be tested in a general election.

On ‘Europe’ Our Leaders Have Failed Therefore We Mustn’t

The referendum debate has been so base, so personal and so shabbily conducted that, a Rhett Butler “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” attitude is not only understandable but perhaps appropriate. However, it is not enough. There is too much at stake and we must rise above the squalor of our politics.

Ten Things to Think About When Voting for the Next London Mayor

Disclaimer is not going to tell you who to vote for. It is pretty arrogant and you probably - quite rightly - would not listen to us anyway: each of us casts our votes in individual considerations. However, here are some of the issues facing the largest - and undoubtedly the best - city in Europe.

The Rise and Fall of Political Reputations Challenges Both Tories and Labour

The resignation of Iain Duncan Smith has made the week preceding the Easter break one of the most dramatic and feverish since the election. George Osborne has fallen from grace. Labour will take comfort from good opinion polls. But there is a challenge for both parties and the public.

Today and Beyond the Values of Liberté, égalité, Fraternité Belong to Us All

We try but mere words cannot not give true expression to the horrific attacks in Paris. We mourn those murdered in the terrorist attacks in Paris, but we must remember our values as well. As the collective wound imperfectly heals, we must always remember our values, and we must counter, with actions and words, this ugly ideology.

Too Little, Too Late: The EU's Agreement to Solve The Migrant Crisis

The agreement among EU justice ministers to re-settle 120,000 people over the next two years is welcome but insufficient. There is an urgent need for international action to ensure that fewer people have to make these journeys and that those who do are protected. The EU must lead but with the participation of the US and Russia. We must tackle the immediate problem and address its causes.

Corbyn: The Best of A Bad Bunch, Who Won't Do Enough to Win an Election

It is with a gut-wrenching sense of unease that this magazine welcomes the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party. The enthusiasm his leadership campaign mustered has been remarkable but that unease stems from the very basic and often-asked question: can this man win an election?

Greece Has Spoken. It's Now In Europe's Own Interest To Listen

What the overwhelming victory by the “No” camp tells us is not that Greeks are just against against fiscal austerity, privatisations and increasing erosion of workers’ rights, but that they are prepared to suffer the consequences of living without the support of their European partners.

A Bad day to be Poor in Britain

The Conservative Party is completely unhindered by the (at times no more than symbolic) shackles of coalition is that this will be a country where those with the least means will be forced to give up an ever increasing share of what they have to get by in the name of fiscal rectitude.

Free Your Mind. Vote for What You Believe In and Don’t Let Cod Economics Cloud Your Judgement

Politicians tell us that elections are about the economy. Incumbents ask us to judge them on their record, challengers on promises that they will make things better. Our decisions are generally political rather than economic. And when economics does have a bearing on the choices, the room for manoeuvre from any government tends to be fairly limited.