Stewart Tolley

Stewart holds a PhD in eighteenth century political history from UCL, having previously studied for a BA and MA in history at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

He is currently working as a Part-Time Tutor for Oxford University’s Continuing Education Department as well as helping to create and launch an online historical archive of magazine-style feature articles written by history graduates called The Past.

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Articles by Stewart

How to Make the Most Important Innovation of the 20th Century Fit For the 21st Century

United Nations does not currently enjoy the best reputation. Founded in 1945 as a way of both preserving and enforcing peace, the United Nations was designed to fix problems where its predecessor the League of Nations failed. peacekeeping. Now it is being characterised in much the same way, seen as toothless, impotent and irrelevant.

Whatever They do to Court the Youth Vote, Hard Brexit will Taint the Tories

After years of not voting, the young have caught on and returned to the ballot box. The Conservatives are scared and are trying to come up with policies on housing and tuition fees. However, it may be that they are tainted by their nationalist approach to Brexit.

Anti-Brexiters Must Not Squander the "Remainers’ Revolt" Against May

Theresa May hoped to get a mandate for her Brexit policy. Instead, the electorate gave her a raspberry. Remain voters came out to vote for Labour to frustrate an extreme Brexit. Now Remainers must unite against a dangerous and extreme policy.

Throwing Off the Shackles of Rigid Ideology Could Revive Democracy

Standing as a centrist - and taking ideas from both left and right - Emmanuel Macron has won the French Presidency. Ideology is holding UK parties back and depriving voters of proper debate. It is time parties chose policies based on than practical value not dogma.

In the Face of Irrationalism, We Need a Muscular Securalism

In her Easter message Theresa May declared Britain a Christian country but modern Britain is marked more by irreligion than piety. Yet faith maintains a privileged place within society. The free ride must stop. Instead we must challenge some of the backwards attitudes ingrained in many religions.

On the Edge of Disaster, Theresa May Becomes the High Priestess of Hard Brexit

The factions within the Conservative party have more influence on Theresa May's hard Brexit policy than the national interest. She has given sway to those who campaigned for Brexit. When she invokes Article 50 she will negotiate to keep the fringe of her party happy.

Major Warning: Brexit Arrogance Might Bite Theresa May at the Ballot Box

John Major's Chatham House speech made the reasonable point that popular opinion was fluid as he offered a reality check on over-optimistic Brexiteers. As she appeases her right-wing wing Theresa Msy may lose the support of Remainers.

We Need a Mature Debate on the NHS to Secure Its Future

The NHS is the nearest thing the British have to a religion. But until we stop treating our health care system as if it is sacrosanct we will be stuck in a futile debate on its future. Maybe voters are ready for a mature debate.

Britain needs a revolution in its approach to work, leisure and business

With lagging productivity, what is needed is nothing short of a revolution in our approach to work, leisure and business. The government has changed its attitude to corporate exploitation, the wage gap and employee representation on boards. Welcome innovations but still overly cautious and hardly a visionary approach.

Theresa May Should Worry More About Her Left Than Her Right

Theresa May has pitched her ideological tent in a ‘new centre ground’. Her initial pitch to voters was that she wants to fight injustice and she want to create an upwardly mobile meritocratic society. It is hard to take her seriously when she has surrounded herself with so man socially-conservative figures.

The Other Norway Option? Theresa May should refuse more US extraditions

The American penal system has been repeatedly condemned. Whether defendant can received a fair trial is doubted. Theresa May should find the same courage as Norway has done and not extradite until that close ally can guarantee humane conditions, reasonable sentences and decent trials.

Edinburgh Fringe: From Bloody Mary to Maggie - The Best Political and Historical Drama

If you think of the Edinburgh Fringe, comedy shows and big drama productions come to mind. However, if you are a politics and history geek then the fringe is the place for you, with a myriad of shows to cater to your every desire.

Coalitions in All But Name, Both Parties Should Embrace PR

All parties are already coalitions in all but name whose wings have been growing apart. People do not get what they voted for. FPTP no longer even provides stable government. The solution is to provide people with what they want, choice.

Review: Invisible Britain is A Seething Film For Cameron’s Age of Austerity

‘Invisible Britain’ is meant as a rallying cry for those who are often forgotten, people without a voice who live mostly outside cosmopolitan or rural Britain. Its righteous indignation is commendable but it limits itself from being popular beyond the hard left echo chamber.

Conservatives should stop holding their nose and regain a passion for the European project

The Conservative party has to regain its vision for Europe even if it cannot fully harness its former love and passion for the project. A new acceptance will certainly not be bad for Britain’s interest.