Penelope Trunchbull

Penelope Trunchbull is a pseudonym for a governor at two state schools in North London. She has a long and varied career in education but sadly she cannot reveal where.

Articles by Penelope

Best of times and worst of times: SATS and a tale of two Kittys

As every parent of a state-educated Year 6 child know, last week saw their son or daughter go through the Standard Assessment Tests, or SATs, in English and maths. Their very existence has caused controversy. However, pulling children out of them is flawed.

Why a Crisis in Our Schools is a Harbinger of Worse to Come

The financial situation is dire and new regulations are putting pressures on senior leadership teams in schools. The government should think again.

A Parallel Universe in The Leafy North London Suburb of Highgate

Highgate Village’s notoriously bad traffic congestion is created by parents driving their kids to school because they can no longer afford to buy homes nearby.

This Middle Class Neurosis Over Schools is Bullshit

The latest round of the annual allocation of places in state secondary schools for 11 year olds starting in September produced the usual outpouring of angst among parents over the lengths they have to go to get their little darlings into the best establishments. Poor them.

Back from the dead: A new ILEA to give all kids the same opportunities

Schools need a body that can oversee the whole system and ensure that council, free and academy schools all respond in a similar way to the demands and needs of pupils. Something like that used to exist with the ILEA. Despite the many improvements in London’s schools in the last few decades, the ILEA’s noble aim of giving every child the same opportunities has been steadily eroded despite the introduction of the National Curriculum in 1988.