Megan Kenny

Born in Yorkshire and proudly working class, Megan is a PhD researcher and aspiring journalist. She enjoys writing about women's lives, injustice and inequality as well as working class, Northern culture. Her aim is to raise awareness about violence against women, spread her feminist killjoy message and promote Northern voices.

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Articles by Megan

Unthology - Witty and Unsettling - is A Collection For Those Who Look Beyond the Everyday

The latest Unthology collection from Unthank Books is a mix of classic, realist slice-of-life encountering the shocking, the strange and the experimental. Within this edition of Unthology tales from fourteen new and established writers weave together, with expert editing by Ashely Stokes and Robin Jones, to form an engaging and mysterious collection filled with humour and intrigue.

Vivid, Strange, Experimental Temptations Thrills With Sex, Violence and Wit

Vesna Main’s new book Temptation: A User’s Guide is her first short story collection published by Salt, one of the UK’s foremost independent publishers. This collection of twenty short stories is indeed diverse in terms of story length and style. Yet running through Main’s collection is, unsurprisingly, the notion of temptation.

Compassionate and Beautiful, Pseudotooth is About Difference and Self-Acceptance

The melancholic tome creating such deviant joy recently was Pseudotooth by Verity Holloway, published by Unsung Stories which is a fiction imprint of Red Squirrel Publishing, specialising in literary and ambitious speculative fiction. This means science fiction, fantasy, horror and all the weird fuzzy bits in between.

The Red Beach Hut Shapes the Reader into the Perfect Devil’s Advocate

Over the last decade, Linen Press has established a reputation for passion, integrity and excellence and was shortlisted for the Pandora Women in Publishing prize in 2015. Linen Press has a history of innovation and is never afraid to push the boundaries and take a risk to share women’s voices with the world. The Red Beach Hut is a poignant novel centred on the fleeting but powerful friendship between a boy and a man, both haunted by their own demons.

Forgotten and Fantastic, But Also a Strange Symphony of Magical Grace

The Forgotten and the Fantastic 3, published by Mother's Milk Books, of fairy tales, is designed for an adult audience, sure to ‘get the grown-ups clapping’. Centred on the theme of transformation, this anthology - as edited by Teikas Bellamy - reminds us that bears, trees and flowers may not be quite what they seem and that the world around us is always tinged with a touch of the mystical.

M. John Harrison Returns to Explore Life's Bleak Underbelly

In his collection for fifteen years, M John Harrison blurs the genre boundaries. Published by Comma Press, this is a refreshingly weird collection of tales whose vivid prose draws readers into his disquieting vworld

Complex, Heartfelt, a Sickly Noir That Horrifies with Everyday Banality

In the Valley of the Sun by Andy Davidson, published by Contraband, is an eclectic tale described as an “atmospheric, cinematic tale of horror and psychological suspense” from a writer portrayed as the love child of Stephen King and James Lee Burke.

The Absolute Disgrace of Toby Young’s Shameless Sexism

The appointment of TobyJones to the government's new Office for Students shows an unacceptable disregard for the struggles women in academia face. Ask any woman at a university, and she will have a tale of mysogyny. Jones cannot be their champion. He is part of the problem.

Complex and Surreal, Goblin is a Compelling Debut

Following the eponymous Goblin, a raconteur with a somewhat unreliable view of events, Ever Dundas’ tale, published by Saraband Press sees an unconventional heroine struggle to decide between exorcising the ghosts of her past or retreating into the safety of delusion.

A Vivid Collection, Fresh and Unafraid To Challenge

Letters Home by Martyn Bedford, published by Comma Press can be read as a series of standalone works, but each story features characters who have reached points of redefinition, who are trying to exchange their old identities for something fresh. They each recognise that the ‘first step in changing reality is to construct it.’

Male Entitlement, Sexual Violence and the Case of Cyntoia Brown

Aged sixteen, Cyntoia Brown shot and killed 43 year-old Johnny Allen. Despite the evidence of abuse, she was convicted and sentenced to life. Her case, like so many, highlights the systemic inequality faced by survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

#MeToo Has Shown Global Misogyny. #NotAllMen Once Again Makes the Debate About Men

When Lena Durham accused another woman of lying about rape she undid all the good feminists have achieved in dispelling mythology about rape. #MeToo allowed women to shared experience. The backlash in #NotAllMen turn the conversation away from women and onto men.

Radical and Disruptive, The Northern Fiction Alliance Signals Change

Radical and Disruptive, Northern independent publishers including Comma Press, & Other Stories, Dead Ink, Blue Moose, and Peepal Tree Press are joining forces to form the Northern Fiction Alliance and give the London centric publishing monopoly a run for its money.

A Slap in The Face for the Apathetic

A Sucker Punch for those who doubt the power of Mass hysteria, Begat by Felix Culpepper (Richard Major) published by Indie books, is a blackly comic Trump satire exploring the power and danger of social media, anonymity, and populism in the digital age.

Interrogating The Nature Of Citizenship With Immersive Art

Passionate and Thought-Provoking, Patricia Rodríguez and Mercè Ribot of Little Soldier Productions, interrogate the nature of citizenship and belonging and empower the audience into action through immersive art that includes pig costumes, live rock music, and cava with a dash of the Dalai Lama.

Love and Carnage in A Combustible Tour de Force that Explores Female Sexuality and Ultra-Violence

Love and Carnage, Cesar Aria's novella, The Proof published by And Other Stories, explores sexuality and youthful alienation in a punchy, ultra-violent, and uncompromising thrill ride that takes the reader on an adventure through the possibility and punk-filled streets of Buenos Aires.

Heart-breaking and Tender, Maggie Harris Uses Her Powerful Voice to Explore Hidden Experiences

Poet, Maggie Harris provides a powerful feminist commentary on the nature of female sexuality and gives voice to the hidden experience of refugees and migrants in her latest heartbreaking and tender short story collection, Writing on Water, a new release from Seren Books.