Kate Harveston

Born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Kate Harveston is a recent college graduate and an aspiring journalist. She enjoys writing about social change and human rights issues, but she has written on a wide variety of other topics as well.

She blogs on social and cultural issues at  Only Slightly Biased.

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Articles by Kate

Why Are CEOs Getting Paid Over 300 Times What Their Workers Make?

In America it is far from uncommon for a CEO of a corporation to earn hundreds of times more than their median-salaried workers do. at a time when wages have stagnated for workers, and when a large percentage for some of the most profitable corporations such as Amazon and Walmart must depend on public assistance to make ends meet, the failure to rein in CEO salaries amounts to nothing less than modern feudalism.

No Justice For Women in India: The Toughest Battle is Changing Old Attitudes

Rape, like all sex crimes, is ultimately a tool of terrorism and power. While rape occurs all over the world, few places suffers from a greater rape crisis than India. In 2016 alone, there was a 12 percent increase in the incidents of rape.

I’m Still Confused About Trump’s Tax Returns

With tax season just wrapping up, it's an important time to reflect on one of the biggest loose ends that have dogged the Trump administration, and that is continually shrouded in mystery: What is behind the president's tax returns?

Can We Get Rid of the Sex Stereotyping Behind Gender Reveal Parties?

A gender reveal can be a simple release of blue balloons for a boy, or maybe a pink heart made of carnation petals for a girl. Some parental protesters traverse the middle route and use a rainbow filling or purple filling in a cake to say “we’re going to see what happens” or “the baby will tell us someday.”

IIn America - and the UK - Homelessness Is Becoming a Humanitarian Crisis

The homelessness epidemic faced in developed countries has been described as a humanitarian crisis unfolding in our streets. There’s a direct correlation between the rising cost of living in cities and the severity of homelessness. This crisis has reached a point where it’s drawn comparisons to poverty in developing nations, as homelessness jumps to record-breaking levels in the U.S. and further afield.

The Age of Authoritarianism in America: Are We Losing Our Rights Without Noticing?

The Economist has downgraded the United States from “full democracy” to “flawed democracy”. It is reason to stand up and take notice. It’s an indicator authoritarianism is gaining a foothold. Two recent U.S. court decisions precisely underline that trend. America is sleepwalking into an age where the everyday man and woman does not count.

Climate Change Affects Us All, so Why Don’t We Treat It That Way

According to scientists, we are witnessing the beginning of the effects of climate change. We can’t attribute any single storm to it, but we can look at the overall global trends. We know the extreme weather we’re seeing is directly related to climate change, but we don’t know how much worse it’s going to get or how to make the people in charge listen. Especially when some like Trump deny and when many voters just don't want to talk about it.

America, Guns and Living in Fear of Machines We Could Control

America may have a short history but red, white and blue values are carved into national identity. It has become painfully clear how dearly some hold the right to own guns among as a fundamental civil liberties. President Trump maynot speak about gun control but a majority of Americans support. How many more tragedies must they ensure?

I'm Disgusted With the USA Gymnastics Board

Child Sexual Abuse US Gymnastics Olympics

Obstetric Assault Is a Serious Issue

Obstetric assault is a form of medical malpractice. Obstetric assault can occur at any time during a woman's pregnancy, but some of the most egregious examples take place during childbirth. Verbal obstetric assault may include slurs, put-downs and humiliation. The best prevention is a birth plan.

On Tackling Maternity Discrimination the UK Lags Behind Europe and the US

For working mothers, the milestone of pregnancy and childbirth often comes at the cost of their position at work or even their entire career. Despite promises of "zero tolerance" the government has done little to stop discrimination.

We Need #MeToo More than Ever. But Let's Never Forget #TrumpToo

The #MeToo movement developed after allegations of sexual assault were made against Harvey Weinstein. The irony is that the immense good it did in allowing women's voices to be heard is happening under a president who himself is accused of sexual assault. It is time the voices of these seventeen women were heard.

Trump’s ”America First” White House Page Reveals His Grotesque Agenda

One of Donald Trump's first acts as president was to remove any trace of his predecessor Barack Obama's agenda. In its place is a website that ignores many of the problems of modern American. Citizewns need to make their voices heard.

Using America's Political Train Wreck for Entertainment is the Definition of White Privilege

We need to talk about politics in order to make sense of it. However, turning the Trump ádministration into entertainment devalues the harm it is causing. Those currently laughing with Sean Spicer or Saturday Night Live are not the victims of this presidency.

Forgotten Groups: the American Dream Discriminates Against Those Who Need it Most

The American Dream is not unprejudiced. There is institutionalised discrimination within powers that are meant to protect that citizens’ rights. But this isn’t new. And yet there are still groups of people whose plights are simply not acknowledged. These groups are suffering a silent marginalisation.