Harris Coverley

Harris Coverley writes the Tweet Checking column for Disclaimer and is constantly looking for readers to help him correct the worst of internet. No stupidity or falsehood is too great a challenge.

He lives in Manchester and holds an MA in Intellectual History from UCL. He also writes short fiction and poetry, the former of which only Disclaimer has had the good sense to publish.

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Articles by Harris

Tweeting Checking: Is Jeremy Corbyn Labour’s first Black Leader?

Claims that Jeremy Corbyn was the first black leader of the Labour party were pretty daft. They were not alone. Harris Coverlet looks at some of dumb Twitter.

Tweet Checking: The Grotesque Left That Thinks Albert Speer Had More Integrity than Tony Blair

Harry Leslie Smith thinks that Albert Speer had more integrity than Tony Blair. You donot have to be a Blairite or supporter of the Iraq War to see this as insane: the left promoting a Nazi. Diusclaimer looks at some of the worst of Twitter.

Tweet Checking: Pots, Kettles and Labour Attacks on Theresa May's Brexit Credibility

Finding the truth is never easy. Sometimes it can be unbelievable. Twitter makes it harder. This week Labour condemns Theresa May for lack of credibility on Brexit, ignoring its own problems. Unfortunately, that is not all Harris Coverley found.

Tweet Checking: Chris Williamson - Labour MP, Idealogue, and War Crimes Denier

Fresh from watching Croatia thrash Russia, Harris Coverley looks st the tactics of the Russian Diplomatc Service as they try to spread doubt about crimes they are at least complicit in. Shame while doing so he finds useful idiot Chris Williamson making their life easier.

Tweet Checking: Why Piers Morgan is Wrong About Brexit

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant,” said the late Harlan Ellison. Unfortunately whether it be Brexit or race, his dictum did not pass to Twitter - as Harris Coverley discovers.

Tweet Checking: The Corbyn Left Are Spreading as Much Brexit Bullshit as the Tories

Labour may attack the Tories for claims of a Brexit dividend - but Jeremy Corbyn has talked of one himself. Elsewhere the Corbyn left are accusing Remainers of betrayal. And they like to claim its not a cult.

Tweet Checking: Corbynite Brexit Quislings, and the Role of Our Elected Representatives

Theresa May on the CHristopher Chope affair; Alex Nunns and the Lexiters on Corbyn's EEA absention; the role of an MP. Just some of the things we check for you.

Tweet Checking: Why Is Aaron Bastani Suddenly Not Interested in Opinion Polls?

Suddenly Aaron Bastani, like other Corbynistas, is no longer interested in polling. Odd. Harris Coverley finds out why; he also looks at John McDonnell on Heathrow and Angela Rayner on poverty and diet.

Tweet Checking: Corbyn Single-Handedly Defeats UKIP, and Owen Jones on NeoLiberalism (Again)

The Left is of, course, not one body. Nor is Twitter anything but a microcosm of the wider debate. There have always been cranks (on both sides) but the difference now is that these guys are in charge. Harris Coverley takes on the "Luxury Left".

Tweet Checking: Be A Good Immigrant, Nadine Dorries MP Tells Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Russia Today is still trolling about the Salisbury attack. But it is not the only issue: Ireland's abortion referendum caused an outbreak of silliness - on the old right but also the regressive left. It is Nadine Dorries who takes the prize this week though.

Tweet Checking: Who thinks that Theresa May is a Marxist?

Harris Coverley sinks to the depths of Twitter where Alt-Rightists tweet misleading graphs, Corbynsta rags deliberately start stories they know are false and certain Mail On Sunday columnists think Theresa May is a socisalist.

Weekend Fiction: Disposition

A Short Story from Harris Coverley

Tweet Checking: Jacob Rees-Mogg Scrooges Himself and the Ghost of Brexit Future

The Member for the Nineteenth Century scooges himself over so-called Project Fear. Meanwhile the ALt-Right use the sad death of Alfie Evans to make their twisted political points.

Tweet Checking: Shilling for Assad, Russian Embassy Trolls and the Strange World of Peter Hitchens

Facts matter. Bullshit is also pretty easy to spot - if you want to. This week Harris Coverley takes on Diane Abbott, pro-Assad conspirators, and Peter Hitchens. Oh - and jokers at the Russian Embassy.

Tweet Checking: Left-Wing "Fake News", Conspiracies Only End Up Helping the Right

bad ideas and notions ultimately hurt the Left and help the Right. Whether it be conspiracies, fake news, factoids, bad rhetoric, or mud-slinging, all it does is feed into right-wing assertions—sometimes unfortunately accurate—of leftist hysteria, intolerance, and untrustworthiness.

Tweet Checking: Cracking Down on (More) Antisemitism Denial and Brexiter Myths

As the furore surrounding Jeremy Corbyn's antisemitic defence of a mural continues, the regressive left is in full denial mode. Antisemitism is being denied by some pretty unpleasant types. In other news: Brexit denialism is alive and truly, er, well.

Tweet Checking: Why has the Russian Embassy Become an Expert Troll?

Following the government's assessment that Putin's government perpetrated a chemical weapons attack on British soil, people have demanded more evidence, What they mean is they don't like the evidence they have. They are joined by the editor of the Daily Mirror, and the Russian Embassy. Good company for Seumas Milne.

Tweet Checking: Nigel Farage, Russophobia and Schooling Katie Hopkins on Assad

He's back. And little can stop him from digging into the gaps that allow extremes on both sides to try to get away with pulling the wool over our eyes. Harris Coverley takes on Nigel Farage, Julian Assange and Katie Hopkins.

Tweet Checking: Unearthing the Cheddar Man Conspiracy Theory (and other idiocies)

Antisemitism is - sadly - a regular feature in our Tweet Checking column. But it is not the only repeat. (Welcome back, Dan Hannan.) This week, can UKIP drain the swamp? Is Cheddar Man part of a anti-white conspiracy theory?

Tweet Checking: Why is the Truth About Antisemitism and Iran So Hard, Mr Corbyn?

Inspired by Umberto Eco, once again our correspondent goes in search of those scraping the barrell of truth. What a surprise he finds accolytes of Trump and Putin's Russia as chief culprits. But Jeremy Corbyn is there too.

Tweeting Checking: Richard Spencer, Trump and the Toxic Ideals of Knuckle-Dragging Masculinity

We may live in a age where stupidity and untruths are revered (or at least retweeted) but whether it is on the left or Alt-Right, Katie Hopkins or Richard Spencer, one man has vowed to keep fighting.

Tweet Checking: Yes, Paul Mason, Clement Attlee Did Represent the Workers and the Poor

Shithole-gate gives the US President two mentions this week. It could have been more. More extraordinarily we were forced to find out the truth about Clement Attlee. Clue: he was not a mass murderer and started no "illegal wars".

Which theory of “rights” will dominate in the 21st century?

Human rights are something that must continually fought for, both politically and intellectually. However, in the rush to condemn various tyrannies, along with the infractions of Western states, many have not recognised a growing trend across the world, an insidious idea of ‘selective civil rights’. On both left and right, it strikes at the idea of universality.

Tweet Checking: Corbynstas Embarrassing Brexit Denial

Once again, our columnist finds truth is a rare commodity on social media - whether it is Corbynstas denying the obvious on their hero's Brexit stance or Brexiters pretending everything they like is being ban. Disclaimer tries to uncover some truths for its readers.

Tweet Checking: What Does "Elite" Owen Jones Mean When He Says "Elite"?

Despite 2018 being new and Christmas still a pleasant memory, the dimwitteness and whataboutery on Twitter continued. Antisemitism needs calling out. So does supposedly left wing people defending totalitarian regimes. Owen Jones, Harry Leslie Smith are in our firing line - alongside Toby Young, of course.

Tweet Checking: Calling Out Brexiter Logic, History and Economics (and Dan Hannan)

Antisemitism is awash on Twitter and social media. Unlike many other forms of racism it can be pretty subtle but is just as insidious. Just like Brexit facts they need calling out. Our columnist goes looking for the worst.

Tweet Checking: Are Remainers to Blame for The Brexit Mess? (Clue: No)

Was there a grand conspiracy to hide from the British public the truth about secret plans to create a United States of Europe? Is the reason why Brexit such a mess because Remainers are in charge? Just a few of the statements that Disclaimer tries to get to the bottom of.

Tweet Checking: Tommy Robinson's BBC Bias Stupidity... and More

Donald Trump does not have a monopoly on Twittersphere stupidty and untruthfulness. Oh no. This week we check out Nicola Sturgeon, the conservative right on women, antisemitism and more.

Tweet Checking: Giving the Actual Facts to Dan Hannan, Donald Trump and Others

Facts have never been more needed - or more abused. Disclaimer has found five of the worst - or at least the most curious - "alternative facts" on Twitter this week. We have also given the actual facts as well.