David Cottle

Born and raised in Swansea West, one of the safest Labour seats in the country, David is perhaps unsurprisingly a High-Tory, Euroskeptic Royalist Libertarian with an unhealthy adoration for Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. As a result he is seldom pleased by anything that ever happens, and always on the verge of quitting the whole jamboree. A former Special Writer at the Wall Street Journal, he knew the crash was coming when he saw a piece about Louis XVI reproduction furniture "for your Winnebago."

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Technology Not Government Is The Key to Global Trade

In an increasingly connected world, all you need to do to have access to a global marketplace is to let that marketplace know that you are there. For the first time in years, global trade is expanding at a slower rate than global GDP. All governments really need to do here is to get out of the way.

Banking’s swashbuckling days are behind it and that might be a good thing

Brexit offers both hazard and opportunity. A lot of European finance is all-but-certain to migrate to another EU city such as Frankfurt or Paris. Should we be desolate at this? Probably not. London’s creative history suggests something more inspiring and inclusive might grow in its place.

Pounded? A sterling excuse for a lower currency.

The pound has been clobbered since the UK stunned the world. The pound was probably a shade overvalued before the Brexit vote. A crowded one way bet beforehand, and a lost haven premium after. The pound’s fall is looking a little more explicable. But, in providing the UK with a lower currency we may yet come to love it.

Brexit Is a vote to rejoin the rest of the world

A vote to leave the EU is not about nationalism. It's not about immigration. It's not about Little England. It's a vote to rejoin the rest of the world and leave behind a sclerotic, overweening and long obsolescent political construct, whose foundations are crumbling.

Of course there is no plan for Brexit. So what?

The charge that there is no coherent post-Brexit plan is hard to refute. In fact it's impossible. Brexit is the plan. A democratic, sovereign parliament will debate and decide the issue. That's how democracy works around the world.

A Moment With Leonardo, And The Luvvies’ World Where Being Horrid Is Never Necessary

Luvvies who complain about BP £600,000 deal with the British Museum are lucky to be able to view the world in their black and white terms. Perhaps they don’t need BP’s products themselves. Perhaps they think we all walk to the theatre or the cinema. Perhaps they don’t fly to the premiers, the auditions and the sets.

Whatever the Left or the Right Say About Port Talbot, the Workers Will Get the Arse End

Port Talbot was across the bay from the first bedrooms of my youth. I could see the flare when they opened the blast furnaces across fifteen miles of water. The place is beautiful, almost magical, by night. By day it’s a Victorian vision of grinding industry, human lives and dwellings clearly subordinated to the health of this last, vast, steel-making machine.

Toxic Reforms, Tory Toffs and Europe... But We’ll Never Know The Whole Story of IDS’ Resignation.

No one could stand the welfare beat forever. Stuck with his name on the government's most toxic reforms, penned in by an Oxbridge cabal from a younger generation and at clear odds with the leadership, but not the party, over Europe. It's a miracle that the Quiet Man stayed quiet for as long as he did.

If We Can't Have a Durable Recovery at this Price, Can We Have One at All?

It’s time for every finance minister and central bank chief in every major economy to stop what they are doing, right now and head back to Bretton Woods. There the last international monetary settlement was born. We need another one.

for generations ‘Europe’ has failed to make the case for British membership

The European project has always lacked a great unifying figure, a philosopher king who could sell it across the continent. And that, when we look back, really ought to have been a warning. Where is the European Union's Churchill? Where is its Lincoln? Is there really no one of charisma and intellect who can flog this thing?

“We’re Not Having It.” The Final Throes of Curmudgeonly, Unlovable Anglo-Saxon Bloody-Mindedness.

When it comes, the referendum on Britain's place in the European Union is all too likely to be last gasp of Anglo-Saxon truculence. Polls may have the Leave camp ahead but in the end the UK will be staying in. Euroskepticism will shrivel to a rump, exulting petulantly in Europe's failures.

History, Changing Prisms and the absurdity of Rhodes Must Fall

Facts do not change but the way we look at them does. RMF is not interested in the better angels of Cecil's nature, for Cecil was a racist. It's also rather easier to look back and ask why Rhodes and his ilk were honoured for pillaging a continent then than to look at the present and ask why that pillaging still goes on now.


When he suggested banning Muslim from travelling to the US, Donald Trump was talking to people he thought might well vote for him., offering them simplicity he cannot possibly provide to a people stymied by an international backdrop of irreducible complexity

The Seismic Foreshock No-One is Talking About

A one-party totalitarian state has had its currency admitted to a global top table. Why is no-one talking about this?

Bye Bye Kirchner. Time to Meet Argentina's New Boss.

From London's point of view the new President of Argentina has got to be better than the old one.

After the Paris Massacre the Usual Playbook Begins the Long Haul

Military strikes against ISIS may be necessary but we still do not know what comes next.

The General, Jeremy Corbyn and a Dangerous Defence Policy

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's defence policy may be dangerous but the UK military top-brass should keep quiet.

On Trade, Hypocrisy, And China's Human Rights

Fundamentally we don’t care about human rights in China. We certainly don’t care enough to let it stand between us and the espresso maker we want at a price we’re prepared to pay.

Corbyn's PMQs Gimmick Misses The Point of What Parliament is For

Faced with his first Prime Minister’s Questions as leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corby was not going to ask his own questions, or his party’s questions. No. The very idea. He was going to ask The People’s Questions.

The US Carrier Fleet Has Always Been Vulnerable Even Without China's New Missiles

News that China has paraded a potentially 'carrier-killing' ballistic missile, the Dongfeng ('East Wind') 21D through the streets of Beijing as part of celebrations to mark the Second World War's end has many commentators convinced that the strategic balance in the Pacific has shifted forever, and that the end of the supercarrier is nigh.