Write for us

Any magazine is only as good as its writers. Disclaimer is no different.

So before you submit a pitch or a poem, please take a look around the magazine. It saves you time as you’ll know the sort of stuff we like. And we’re much more likely to publish your work, if you show that you know what we already publish. Also remember to include a little bit about yourself. Your biography can sell an article to readers.

Unfortunately, we are not yet in a position to pay for submissions. None of us get paid. We do this because we love Disclaimer and want to build something unique together. But we don’t exploit our writers. We also know how to say ‘thank you’.

We want to hear from you and we’ll always try to make an idea work. We do try to get back to everyone who writes to us but unfortunately it is not always possible. Sorry.

Please send all submissions via Graham Kirby at editor@disclaimermag.com.

Please read on for further information on what we are looking for and how to submit.

We have one requirement: submissions can come from anywhere in the world. Only ‘Citizens of the World’ may apply.

Politics and Economics

We do not publish clickbait nor do we publish sponsored content. So if you are writing either of those, please walk on. We do not want general political pieces or articles such as “Why I am Supporting Labour”. We want you to bring your knowledge and experience to an article. We want original pieces that are intelligent, provocative and controversial. We want our content to explain politics and to showcase radical political ideas, but to be rooted in the world as it is, not as you would like it to be.

We are especially interested in:

  • New ideas on economics, housing, public services, democracy;

  • Articles with a different perspective on the politics of gender, race, and sexuality;

  • Comment pieces from parts of the world not always covered in the media.

We do accept unsolicited articles. The best way to get a piece into Disclaimer is to email a pitch.

  • Condense your article into a headline. We might even use it! If you catch an editor’s eye, you will catch a reader’s eye;

  • Pitch your idea in a short paragraph;

  • Tell us why someone would need to read this now.   

Culture and Reviews

Film, television, theatre and books… We review them all.

Often we work with fringe and independent theatre to give readers a guide to the theatre that is off West End. Not all theatre is London-based either: we want reviews from Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle.

Our books section tends to cover independent publishers, writers whom you do not see on the front pages and first-time writers of original literary fiction and other sub-genres. We are especially interested in hearing from poetry reviewers.

Please do not send in unsolicited reviews, but if you want to join our team of reviewers, email us right away. You might find yourself at a press preview night or book launch.  

We also publish longer culture essays. These can be on any topic from Stormzy to Caravaggio, from Fargo to I, Claudius. If it was good in its time, we’ll probably find it awesome today.

  • Give us some background information about your topic. If its about an artist, tell us who he or she is.

  • Then tell us what you want to say about them and why your piece will be better than any of the others out there.

Other Stuff

We call it ‘Other Stuff’ but actually, art - in its widest sense - is at Disclaimer’s heart. Politics may be our daily grind but art is why we do it.  

We publish first-class, original poetry, short stories and flash fiction from established and emerging writers. Just because a lot of our content is political, that does not mean we’re only interested in political fiction or poetry. We don’t want to confine writers to a genre, theme or style; we are seeking writing that contains believable voices, and has the ability to surprise. We publish neither the fashionable nor the factitious. Be radical but don’t preach.

  • We discourage simultaneous submissions. Please let our editors know if your work is accepted elsewhere though.

  • We accept poetry submissions of any length but recommend 3-4 poems of a medium length that work together.

  • Flash fiction submissions should work as a whole, rather than excerpts from novels or short stories. Recommended length 500 - 1000 words.

  • We agree with Edgar Allen Poe: a reader should be able to finish a short story in one sitting. Beyond that, you can either be Garcia Marquez at 2,500 words or Ray Bradbury at 6,000.

  • Please submit all work to be considered as word documents (.doc or .docx). We do not accept PDF submissions.

  • Please do not send work that has been previously published. 

  • We especially welcome BAME, LGBT+ and female writers.