Disclaimer Magazine: Support us

At Disclaimer Magazine, we believe journalism should be journalism.

We’re not happy with the way the lines between editorial and journalism have been blurred in recent years. So, for this reason, we have decided to buck the trend and reject any sponsored content on our site. If we say something is good, it will be because we believe it’s good not because we are being paid to say it’s good.

When you see an ad, you’ll know it’s an ad, and when you read an article, you’ll know that there isn’t an advertiser trying to shape the message.

This may seem old-fashioned, but we don’t see the point in publishing this magazine if we are going to undermine what we say because our readers can’t be sure that we are not trying to sell them something.

We have created this magazine because we want to make something we love and we hope others will love. If you’d like to support this work during the start-up phase, please send a few pounds, dollars, euros or yen via this PayPal link .